A Cuckoldress is Born: The Story of How I Discovered Cuckolding

Jane Cuckoldress

What is cuckolding?

In this personal narrative, as well as other posts on this blog, I will refer to cuckolding and hotwifing in very board, interchangeable terms. While there are many definitions and variations between the two, after much research and conversations about these fetishes I have realized not every cuckold, cuckoldress, hotwife, or stag is the same. It all depends on the couple. For example, one couple may identify more with hotwifing but still enjoy humiliation play that is more similar to cuckolding from time to time.

To put it simply, cuckolding is a very female led sexual relationship in which the woman who is called a “cuckoldress” is free to have sex with any man she desires while still having a faithful significant other known as a “cuckold”. The cuckold is completely faithful to his cuckoldress and is aroused by her pleasure and dominance over him. Often, cuckolding…

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Fake Cuckolds

Jane Cuckoldress

This post is similar to another post I wrote, Don’t Be This Cuckold. If you haven’t already read that one I encourage you to do so after reading this one. This post is all about my encounters with fake online cuckolds.

I have been looking for my own cuckold for over a year now, and it seems to be getting harder and harder.  While sites like Fetlife seem to have a plethora of single cuckolds looking for a cuckolding goddess like me, I’m finding most are not genuine cuckolds. The online world has a lot of fake cuckolds.  What do I mean by “fake cuckolds”?

Fake cuckolds are cuckolds who do not take a cuckolding relationship seriously.  There are two types of such men.  There’s type A who just live in fantasy and don’t actually want a partner who will cuckold them. And then there is type B who

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